Websites – Why You NEED One…

Having a website for your business is not an option – it is a necessity.Everyone knows that having a sharp website is good for business, but most people don’t really know why. In this article I’ll offer several reasons why they are vital to reaching your potential.

 1) Credibility. Today, everything is online, and to even keep up in your industry, you need a website. When a customer types your name into their favorite search engine, they expect your professional website to come up. If that’s not the case, they second guess doing business with you.

2) Convenience. If you are running a restaurant, your customers will come to your website looking for your address, hours, menu, and specials. It is frustrating for your customer to have to call your restaurant and ask the hours, not to mention a waste of your host/hostess’ time. If you run a store, product selection should be online, if not a complete e-commerce ordering system. If you have a service company, list your popular services, satisfied clients, and portfolio of your best work. Without a website, your potential customers will just do business with your competitors instead.

3) Goodbye printing costs. If you have information kits, product info sheets, print materials, or anything else that you usually give your clients, you can now distribute it online at no cost. How much did it cost to reproduce your tri-fold info brochure? How much did it cost to send your last e-mail? Think of the savings!

4) Extra Revenue. There are many ways your company website can generate sales for you. Selling products 24/7 without any man-power on your end is a given, but that is just the tip of the iceburg. Your website can reach more people in more places than you could ever dream of. Even if your business doesn’t offer products, you can sell gift certificates, or collect information from potential clients who are interested in your service.

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